Code Cash: Simplifying business processes through point of sales!

Not everyone who ventures into business is business-process capable. Specifically in the small to medium enterprises. It just boils down to executing and making the sales. Some companies can even go as far as not having a strategy in place. They run reports, and they account on a daily basis, with no solid infrastructure to support them.

The evolution of computing has reached far and wide. With the introduction of AI and VR on the business side, more and more people are getting comfortable to trust the machine to do a huge chunk of work for them.

In a developing country like the Philippines, this is not true in most cases. Based on the 2014 data provided by the Philippine Statistics Office, there are 946,988 establishments in the Philippines. And of which, 99.6% (942,925) are micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and the remaining 0.4% (4,063) are large enterprises.

What does this mean? There is a huge potential to tap into these enterprises and deliver straightforward solution right out of the bag.

Code Cash does just that.

The system manages the Input and output of stocks; it has modules for managing product list, customer list, purchases, and sales. The system can print a receipt, daily sales, weekly sales, monthly sales, customer’s statement of account. It also monitors the stocks, gross and net income of the business as well as the Account’s Receivable per customer.

Imagine the increase in productivity that this can give to any business owner. It’s true that even if the potential is huge, the competition is also making business difficult for software providers.

The key is in the ease of use, the productivity output and the people support behind a technology. And that is where our team focuses much of our energy.

The big picture is, we envision a simplified business process through the solutions that we painstakingly create.

Technology should not be a burden, but a means to improve. This is our core belief.



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