Code Cash: Simplifying business processes through point of sales!

Not everyone who ventures into business is business-process capable. Specifically in the small to medium enterprises. It just boils down to executing and making the sales. Some companies can even go as far as not having a strategy in place. They run reports, and they account on a daily basis, with no solid infrastructure to support them.

The evolution of computing has reached far and wide. With the introduction of AI and VR on the business side, more and more people are getting comfortable to trust the machine to do a huge chunk of work for them.

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Outsourced Software Development, The Value of Working With the Right Team

So what is outsourced software development?

Today, there is no one size fits all system that can promise to deliver the intended output. This is true for automated processes. With the rising popularity of ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning). There is a growing demand for enterprise level companies to tap into this technology. And most likely these companies have the budget, as ERPs tend to be on the six digit figure. Read more